The three components of self-compassion

1_OxPMWDQ1SXUdGG-EXgDBBQ.pngWhen things go wrong, how do we treat ourselves? What comes to your mind?

โ€”Perhaps some self-criticism, being hard on ourselves?

โ€”Feeling isolated or avoiding others for fear of shame?

โ€”Ignoring our own painful feelings and distracting ourselves with entertainment, food, drink?

If, in recalling and reading this, we find weโ€™re feeling a bit down about ourselves, we could place a hand on our heart or give our arm a reassuring rub. We could tell ourselves itโ€™s okay, weโ€™re all hard on ourselves at times. And we could perhaps encourage ourselves with some self-talk like, โ€œMay I be kind to myself in this moment.โ€ Taking a moment to really feel that warmth and reassurance.

Here, we just practised all three components of self-compassion.

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