Mysticism and creativity

2 thoughts on “Mysticism and creativity”

  1. Great post! I have been fascinated by this topic. I think there has to be an underlying level of skill before transcendence occurs or maybe a “language” is a better word that communicates our mystic experience. The language may be music, art, film or language it self. The better you are at speaking the languange the more tools you can convey the mystical experience. I play guitar and believe “the spirit of God” inhabits me when I play. It is the easist way to access this but I feel a little “disabled” as my singing and songwriting abilities limit my communication or channeling of this.

  2. Interesting post … I’ve recently come across the work of Jason W. Brown and am finding it to be compelling. I checked out the Creativity Research Journal and couldn’t find the free download of the article. Do you know of anywhere else one might find it? Normally, I would just buy the article, but that want $36 or something like that, which is kind of crazy for an article. TIA for any info you might have.

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